Durand Eastman Park

Rochester, New York


Paranormal Claims:

  1. The most popular claims are of the “White Lady” or “Lady in White” 
  2. Other full bodied apparitions, including phantom dogs.
  3. Glowing eyes known to follow and/or chase people away.
  4. Disembodied sounds.

Seekers Experiences:

  1. There appeared to be a couple hits on a K-II meter however it was determined to just be a natural anomaly as no further activity occurred.
  2. The flash light technique was implemented during the investigations which offered very surprising results. At first the interactions seemed ore focused on the flash lights only but eventually we were able to have intelligent interactions, receiving responses on command. Through this investigation the flash lights were regularly checked to ensure they were not too sensitive that they could be turning themselves on (later additionally confirmed when specific lights would come on and off on request).
  3. One investigator thought they saw red glowing eyes, but upon investigating it was discovered this illusion was causing by distance street lights through the trees and/or reflections from nearby ponds.
  4. Due to location and environmental conditions audio recorder use would not have been beneficial to the investigation without significant contamination being present.


There are a number of facts that immediately helped us to debunk the urban legends of the White Lady.

  • It should be noted that the “White Lady’s Castle” was NEVER at any time a castle or home to anyone. The wall is the only remaining remnant of the refectory that was built when Mr. Eastman and Mr. Durand first purchased the property to create the park. Essentially it was just a very fancy picnic pavilion.
  • The wall is NOT an existing foundation to the refectory structure itself. It essentially was just a large terrace wall. Therefore other rumors about individuals being able to crawl into a sub-structure were proven false.
  • The refectory also included several canon’s that were mounted on the wall. It is presently unknown if these canons served any actual purpose other than decoration. Considering the time in which it was built we believe it was purely for decoration.
  • There also have never been any missing person’s reports or violent crimes that match the varying stories told about the White Lady.

Seekers investigated the area having already debunked the urban legend. However, there were still a significant number of paranormal claims that justified trying to discover just what might have been there.

In conclusion, while the claims of the White Lady are 100% proven false. There does appear to be a significant presence(s) there worth further investigation.