Case Files Updated

We recently updated the Sea Breeze Fire Dept case file with video of the investigation.

Check it out!

Sea Breeze Fire Dept.

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Energy Management Class & Ghost Hunt

An event being put on by on of our good paranormal friends at Historic Palmyra

Where: Historic Museum, Palmyra, New York

When: Saturday, October 13th at 7:30pm

Cost: $30/person

Join them for a fun and informative class taught by Tina, a Reiki Master Teacher and Stephanie, Reiki II Practioner, both lead investigators for Flower City Paranormal. Following the class there will be a paranormal investigation from approximately 8:30pm – 2:00am.


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Historic Palmyra’s Famous Cemetery Walk

Where: 272 Vienna Street, Palmyra, New York 14522

When: October 19th & 20th

Times: 6:30pm & 7:50pm

Cost: $10/person

Sharing the history of famous and infamous people through a live show as you walk through the Village of Palmyra Cemetery.  

Meet activists in abolition, the Underground Railroad, as well as businessmen and women and even some of our regular cemetery residents and visiting celebrities.   

Two shows both nights 6:30 pm and 7:50 pm with cider and donuts to round out your evening. Fun, interesting, exciting, and maybe just a bit scary.

Call for more information and reservations (315) 597-6981.

*If it is pouring rain, event is moved from the cemetery to the amazing museums on Market Street.

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Sybil Phelp’s 117th Birthday Party

An up and coming event from one of our local friends.

Where: 140 Market Street, Palmyra, New York 14522

When: Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Cost: $20 / Person – includes one reading

Information: This entertaining event offers lots of food and fun. Additional psychic readings for $10 each.

Enjoy the history and ambiance of the William Phelps General Store and home as you celebrate Sibyl’s birthday.

As a spiritualist for 50 years, it seems fitting we celebrate Sibyl’s birthday with the Angel Heart Chapel mediums and Rev. Lyn Dennie of Newark.

A special dousing rod class will be held at $5/person or no charge with the purchase of a set of dousing rods.

Call (315) 597-6981 for information.

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Always Ask Permission

One of the most important things a paranormal team can do is ask permission. It is perhaps the most important step in finding a desirable location to hunt.

Trespassing is a crime and should not be taken lightly.

Take into consideration if you trespassed into a location to hunt and were caught. What kinds of things could your group face?

  1. The property owner reserves the right to press charges.
  2. If any property is damaged now you run the risk of legal action. Even if you didn’t cause any damage, it’s your word against theirs and you’ve already placed yourself in a less than trustworthy position.
  3. If anyone is hurt or injured in some cases a property owner could be held liable.

Those are just some examples of the serious consequences that could happen, but worse yet… it places a bad name on all paranormal investigators and can often turn a property owner away from the idea of allowing any investigation teams permission to hunt on the property.

If you have to trespass into areas to investigate then you are far from a professional and legitmate group and do far worse to hinder legitimate groups than not. Always be professional. Ask first, get it in writing or on record and remember that “No” means “No”.

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Not All Claims Are Paranormal

It baffles us how some groups manage to go into homes with haunted claims and always manage to find paranormal evidence 100% of the time. This particular kind of practice seems questionable, risky and dangerous.

That said…

When investigating private residences, groups should be extra cautious to remember that more times than not paranormal claims can be easily explained as natural occurring events.

It does far greater damage to reinforce a home owner’s belief in a haunting some times than it does to help show them other causes to their experiences.

Moral of this lesson? Don’t be so quick to say a home is haunted. Take your time, gather your evidence and review it again and again. When you’ve finished that review it again. Collect more data and review that. You need to be 110% positive that the evidence can stand up to any scrutiny on its own. And it’s always better to tell a home owner that there isn’t enough evidence to support a haunted claim and that additional investigations may be necessary.

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Seekers of the Paranormal

SEEKERS of the Paranormal consists of a group of professionals that seek out the mysteries of the unknown using logic and reason to prove and/or disprove the existence of the paranormal.

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